Alex Morton Went From Dorm room To MLM Millionaire

Who Is He?
Alex Morton was born in a small town of Berkley, Ohio but that’s the only common thing about him.

What Does He Do?
At age 24, he has become the youngest Royal Ambassador in the Health and Nutrition Company, Vemma. He now resides in Tempe, Arizona, USA and his team now consists of over 15,000 members in 25+ countries with a monthly earnings of about $70,000 , highest being $1,00,000. He crossed the one million mark in total career earnings in March, 2014.

How Did he Become Succesful?

Alex was introduced to Vemma at the age of 21, while he was working in a real estate business. As his parents had earned their money in insurance business, he was a little sceptical about joining Vemma but changed after evaluating the products especially Verve (Vemma’s energy drink) resonated with his demographics. He left his job in the real estate sector and was enrolled by Marty Wewerka, who is his father’s good friend and introduced him to Vemma and mentored by Brad Alkazin who at the time was earning $50,000.

Alex could easily relate with Brad and realized that there need not be anything special about him for making loads of money in this business. After joining Vemma, Alex recruited loads of young team members in his team as he was then a student of Arizona State University. He introduced the concept to his peer groups which got initially ridiculed because people thought it was another of his crazy ideas. However some loyal friends (or guess lucky friends) teamed up with him to form the initial team and now work as team leaders earning in 7 figures.

Alex used social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to spread awareness about Vemma as these are important part of a young person’s life. His favourite quote states that “Make It Happen”, and he has well and truly made it happen.