Casey Neistat Went From High School Dropout To Being Worth $1.5 Million


Casey Neistat is a video blogger who has captured the attention of the world with his YouTube videos which could be described as living life and loving it. He shot to prominence in 2003 when he and his brother Van Neistat shot a video called iPod Dirty Secret. The video was an expose on Apples iPode which did not have a replacement battery. The video caused a media controversy with a lot of international media covering the story. Apple was eventually pushed to announce the replacement battery for the iPod.
Born in March 1981, Casey Neistat did not always have it easy, he dropped out of high school at 15 years old and became a teenage father living in a trailer park and washing dishes for a living. Neistat discovered his calling in filmmaking when he visited his brother Van and together they came up with a number of ideas that have kept the attention of the world on YouTube.

Currently, Neistat is a video blogger with one of his most recent videos released in December 2016 where he is being lifted above houses and over skiing slopes by a giant drone that needs 2 people to carry it. It is part of a promotion for Samsung.
So how did a high school dropout go from living off government welfare to being worth 1.5 million dollars?
With his daily vlogging, Casey Neistat managed to brand himself and many companies decided to buy into that brand. Nike and Samsung are some of his clients and he has made adverts for them. He also does public speaking, teaching people about filmmaking. One of his most lucrative projects is the App Beme. Beme is a video sharing App that lets people share videos without having them edited. Within just over a week of its launch in 2015, over 1 million people had shared videos sing the App, it attracted the attention of a number of investors and CNN announced it intended to by the App at 25 million dollars.

Casey Neistat continues to explore new video avenues to share his life as a blogger and film director.