Stormy Wellington Is Considered The Queen of Network Marketing & Total Life Changes

Stormy Wellington is known as the number one network marketer but her story does not begin as bright as that. She was born to a mother who considered aborting her and lived a childhood that for many would be the start of a cloudy future, but she weathered the storm, overcame the trials of growing up in different foster homes as her mother worked on the streets, the life of dealing drugs and working in a strip club, to become the Stormy who is now internationally recognized for her work helping thousands of families earn 6 figure incomes with TLC products. She may have dropped out of high school, but she is now a successful career woman and a mother of 3 daughters.

stormy wellington total life changes
Stormy Wellington is a motivational speaker who travels the world inspiring people to leave a healthier, wealthier life. Total Life Changes has touched the lives of many people and they have Stormy to credit for doing that. She has managed to share her experience as a successful network marketer with so many people around the world as she motivates and trains them to become the best they can be and improve their lives. She has recruited a number of people to join the marketing team at TLC and now they are also living a happier life.

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How does a high school dropout go from making 13 dollars an hour to more than one million dollars a year? Stormy Wellington in her books attributes her success to determination, hard work, and perseverance. It took a lot of courage for Stormy to leave Florida for Atlanta with just 135 dollars in spare change and she was forced to take up a job that only paid 13 dollars an hour. Despite the challenges, she remain resilient and soon she discovered the world of network marketing. She was able to recruit 130 thousand distributors who made for her over a million dollars. Her resilience has pushed her forward and now she is earning even more through helping people change their lives, more people are joining Total Life Changes and for Stormy Wellington that is more money in the bank and more lives changed.