This Is Scott Delong, The $100 Million Young Dude

This day in age just about anyone can startup an online business and make it a huge success with hard work and dedication. That's just what Scott Delong done but on a completely differnet level. Many people would call this guy the KING of starting a brand new website from scratch and turning it into a pot of Gold in 1 year or less. Not to mention that he made his first $1 million in his 20's. Right now he's currently 31 years old living the American Dream with millions in the bank! 

Viral Nova is just one of the websites Scott has sold, this tag was for $100 Million. He currently run a website called Paw My Gosh centered around cute dogs, smart right? Yes we all know it is! These days people will do just about anything for their dogs so him doing that is another HUGE score. Paw My Gosh is already worth millions. 

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